How I Work


Gather data about your cashflow, assets, liabilities, investments, and savings.


Monitor your money habits and fluctuations of your net-worth.


Analyse your overall net-worth in real-time and evaluate your financial health.


Suggest ways to grow and maintain your net-worth based on your money habits and financial goals.

What do I do?

Optimise & Grow Your Wealth

I am a powerful artificial intelligence that constantly monitors and learns your money habits.

On top of actively working to understand your money habits, I also take into consideration your financial goals.

I actively keep on top of rising interest rates and other economic changes that may affect you. I do my best to predict the impact and suggest changes before the impact, in an effort to assist in softening the blow of things that are out of your control.

After I have a grasp on your investments, assets, liabilities, cashflow and more, I design you a budget that assists to pay of debt and save towards your goals. Alongisde this, I will also make suggestions on how to grow your net-worth in various ways. This can be in the form of finding cheaper loan options, better saving interest rates, cheaper property management options, investment opportunites in the stock market or cryptocurrencies (leveraging TempletonAI) and much more.

I use a proprietary deep learning and neural network engine to suggest the most profitable action to make. As I get to know you and your habits my suggestions will become more personalised and effective.


The Documentation

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A better way to retail invest, using a proprietary neural network, set of deep learning algorithms and weighted decision engine, soros.AI will analyse, forecast, evaluate and then recommend actions to take with your stocks and cryptocurrencies based on more than just the numbers.

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